If you could build an amazing lifestyle for your family... get your time back... AND be financially free, what would you do? 
Guidance, support, and accountability to create the business you need for the life that you crave.
You're a hard-working person. You've done all the things you were supposed to do. 
You went to college. You got a job. You're doing everything you can to provide for your family and be a better spouse & parent. 
But you've spent WAY too much time already in your life...
Sacrificing those can't miss moments with your spouse & kids...

Saving up for YEARS for vacations only to have life pass you by while you wait to take them...

And being controlled by that soul-sucking 9-5 you HAVE to have to provide for your loved ones.

And You KNOW all too well what the future may hold if things don't change...
  •  You'll continue working yourself to the bone, year after year (but somehow never see any progress towards where you ACTUALLY want to be)
  •  You'll be able to attend *some* important life events (if you can get time off work)
  •  Woohoo! You retire @ 65 (MAYBE. If you've saved enough & have a pension)
  •  Finally, you can draw Social Security (If it's still around for us...)
  •  No more debt! (But only because you've lived frugally & saved for YEARS)
  •  You'll actually spend some quality time with your kids (Now that they're off in college, or have families of their own...)
  •  You & your spouse can live the life of your dreams! (If you still have the energy for it. And can  still stand spending time together after years of being unfulfilled.)
It feels a bit like looking into a scary & depressing crystal ball. Is this really where you're heading? Putting in years of blood sweat & tears and sacrificing time with your loved ones, only to miss out even more in the end?
You've seen the success stories. Read the books, heard the podcasts.
You KNOW there is more out there for you and your family.
It's time to take a stand and change your story!
  • Spend time doing work you ACTUALLY enjoy (now you can LOVE Mondays!)
  •  Create your own schedule, and be PRESENT with your loved ones (See every soccer game & dance recital, or take your spouse on a day date. Because you can)
  •  Cut the worrying about retirement and all your financial woes (Make as much money as your family needs, you control your life!)
  •  Do the things you've always dreamed of! (Take a family vacation on a whim, or buy that thing your spouse has their eyes on)
You're on your way! Life of your dreams, doing what you enjoy, and no more stress!

You are ready for this, and you are MORE than ready to put in a little work to make it all happen.
But there's just one little problem...
As AWESOME as it sounds, building a business requires a lot of learning, hard work, and time (oh so much time). Not to mention the mental toughness, and huge amounts of patience!

To be 100% honest: Building a business is HARD. It's lonely, a bit overwhelming and at times even scary! And if you've already started, you know just how true that statement is.
Reason #1: 
There is SO much information on starting a business, it's almost impossible to figure out what steps you actually should take to start moving yourself in the right direction. And information overload can have you going in every direction but forward!
Reason #2: 
Even when you decide what to do, then you have to find out HOW. It's almost impossible to sift through all the tactics & free "fluff" info out there to get to the good stuff. Everyone wants to sell you the "easy" button, finding real actionable training that will teach you what you need is like finding a needle in a haystack!
Reason #3: 
Entrepreneurship can be crazy lonely, and will probably make you doubt yourself more than once. It is incredibly difficult to keep up any kind of momentum & push through the hard times without support from others around you, or those on the same journey!
So you're putting in the long hours at work, squeezing every extra minute & dime trying to make this dream business work, and all the while you are making this trek alone with NO HELP?
We understand. We've been EXACTLY where you are.
10 years ago, we started this journey with a real estate business. Tom struggling to get me "on board", then us working for years as we bought more properties and tried to streamline on our own. Then starting over with the retail wine & liquor store, basically learning as we went and making some HUGE & very costly mistakes. And last, jumping into the online world and struggling to find clarity in who we were and what we offered.
Spending hard-earned money on expensive trainings that fell short of what they promised...
Scouring the internet trying to find some way to break from the norm...
Working weekends, missing out on family fun & having to say no to friends...
Starting from SCRATCH, and trying to filter through little to no useful information...
Trying to manage everything after becoming parents...
Learning frustrating (but necessary) lessons from yet more failures...
Tom stuck in a job we hated in order to cover our responsibilities...
Making so many mistakes, and wasting time & money fixing them...
The Solution?  Lifestyle Builders.
What is it?
Everything you've been waiting for!
Guidance, Strategy, & Support, With a Dash of Accountability!
Not another average Membership, 
it's Mentorship
REAL advice from seasoned business owners, who get to know you personally and give out customized guidance based on what you need.

With years of experience in multiple areas, there's nothing like having a business coach to bounce ideas off of! PLUS we give it to you straight, with no fluff or sugar coating!
Cooler than your boss, but we still keep you Accountable!
Planning is the easy part, sticking to the plan is where we come in! Not only will we help you create the strategy that works for you, we'll be your dose of "tough love cheerleaders" to make sure you get it done!

And when life gets in the way (as it always does) , we will help you navigate & adjust your plan.
Cue: Simple, Actionable Steps
We meet you at whatever level you come in, and give you both the business & life strategies as you need them! Goals, Planning, Business Foundations, Systems, you name it and we've got you covered.

PLUS we'll create a library of resources & trainings based on what YOU need in your business, and for your life too!
What Do I Get as a Lifestyle Builder?
Monthly Group Strategy Calls

There is nothing like having direct access to people who have what you aspire to.  Unlike many other membership programs, we have live group calls each month via Zoom. Face-to-face, your questions answered, no timer.
Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

To help keep you on track in between group calls, ask as many questions as you please and we'll answer in a live Q&A in the community every week! Plus we'll tag you real time so you know when yours was answered.
Private LB Member Community

Our central hub for everything Lifestyle builders, our community is where you can ask questions, post up your wins, and even jump in to help other members with your expertise! A safe space for all, with no judgement, where every question counts.
Office Hours

Open Zoom rooms every month for 2-3 hours for guided co-working sessions. Brainstorm with other members, get feedback, or just put your head down & work!
Actionable Trainings

No site full of page after page of training. We build what you need, when you need it. If we don't have the expertise, we'll bring in someone who does.
Quarterly 2-on-1 Laser Calls

One 1 hour private call with Tom & Ariana every quarter, one on one time to talk about whatever else you need. **Only available to those who sign up for our VIP option** 
So What Are the Training Courses?
We're building out 3 signature courses that you'll be able to use & implement right away.
Plan With Purpose

To get you started, this short course will take you through getting clear on your ideal life and establishing some basic processes for making it a reality.
Find Your Freedom

Financial Freedom is different for each person, but it comes down to making more money than your expenses.  This process will help you define your freedom number and a plan to achieve it.
From Concept to Cash

Don't waste your time and money building a business that doesn't work.  This simple process will guide you through narrowing down your idea to working out the kinks and making your first sales.
Quick, Easy to Implement "Action Plans"
Track Your Time

In order to get more time to spend with your family or work on your business, first you need to know where it's going! Then you can analyze and make adjustments to remove things off your plate, or work more efficiently. 
Create Your Processes

Everything we do has a process, but often they are disjointed, not consistent, or even worse all in your head!  This action plan will give you the simple foundation you need to start mapping out your processes o you can improve them.
Meeting Agendas

One of the most important practices we have in our businesses are those "check-ins" to make sure all is going as planned. Grab our agendas & meeting templates so you know how often to have them, and what to cover at each check-in point.
With more being added every month!
Real Guidance. Real Knowledge.
From People Who Care About 
YOUR Success.
Choose Your Builder Level!
+ a $50 Joining Fee
  • Access to Tom & Ariana
  • Private FB Community
  • Monthly Live Group Strategy Calls
  • Monthly "Action Plan" Workshops
  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • Access to Training Portal (and all current/future training)
2 Months FREE!
  • Access to Tom & Ariana
  • Private FB Community
  • Monthly Live Group Strategy Calls
  • Monthly "Action Plan" Workshops
  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • Access to Training Portal (and all current/future training)
  • **BONUS 30 min Coaching Call
Annual + Coaching
  • Access to Tom & Ariana
  • Private FB Community
  • Monthly Live Group Strategy Calls
  • Monthly "Action Plan" Workshops
  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • Access to Training Portal (and all current/future training)
  • 1 Year of Lifestyle Builders
  • + Quarterly Private 1-on-1 Coaching Calls (Four 1 hr calls per year)
  •          **BONUS #Lifestyle Builders Swag!              (A free LB T-shirt)
Don't just take our word for it! Hear what others have to say...
"I'm so thankful for Tom and Ariana, and their coaching program, Lifestyle Builders. When I met Tom and Ariana I was struggling with my business and being an entrepreneur, both personally and professionally. Their program has helped me in both areas. I realized after coaching from Tom and Ariana that there were issues with my thinking in my personal relationship and that my partner and I were not on the same page. After working with them, I've been able to address some of those issues with my partner, and it has significantly enhanced our relationship.
Additionally, Tom has helped me re-design my business and its package offerings. I used to struggle with closing deals, and between the redesign and Tom helping me with my closing skills, I secured a massive deal for my business. It has literally made all the difference in the success of my business. "
Sarah Snyder
Public Relations Specialist
Long-term private coaching client and successful business owner, Nordin has grown his Amazon business to over a million in sales in 2016. He went from being in debt & having a strained relationship with his spouse, to now moving his family to another country ( a dream they've had for some time) while his business continues to grow.
Nordin Chena
Gionordic LLC
Christi Bender
Not Your Average CPA
"I have known Ariana and Tom for a couple of years now and I have to say that I impressed with them and what they offer. In addition, I am constantly entertained by them and they help me keep a sense of humor about running my own business. If you aren't familiar with them there are a couple of things you need to know. Tom is intense, driven, analytical and quick to the point. He has decades of strategic business experience and is more than willing to share the knowledge - especially the lessons that he had to learn the hard way. He is a generous spirit and can clearly speak to those people who need a focus point, a quick resource, and an instant point of view. 

Ariana on the other hand is my kind of woman. She's into her business, and she knows it's not the reason she is alive - it's part of her life, but not who she is. She is casual, chatty, intuitive and emotional. She helps me know that even when my head says one thing - it's more than ok to check in with my feelings too! (She also gives me permission to work in sweats!) Between the two of them they embody the best of both worlds. More importantly they LISTEN, really listen to their people. They offer what you need, not just what they have canned. They know their people by name, business, interests and personality. If you take the time to invest in them they will provide you with both a strategic and emotional ROI that you can't beat!"
Long time Community member 
Maureen Hahn
Owner & Host
"Over the last 6 years, I’ve dabbled in different business ventures, never really making anything successful. I was following all of the steps, the legal parts, the paperwork, the LLC’s and the tax ID’s, but I never really had solid direction. Because of that, I continued to flounder and squander my momentum and ideas. 

Having been lucky enough to know Ariana for the better part of 20 years, I watched from a distance as she created and honed her skills as an entrepreneur. From real estate to retail, I marveled as she and Tom began to dominate every new venture they took on, and I knew then, their guidance was what I was so desperately needing.

As I closed down my brick and mortar storefront, my focus went again to business ownership, as my entrepreneurial side itched for something new. But this time, I knew I needed a clearer vision if I were to do it right. I contacted Ariana, joined her and Toms amazing Facebook community and began taking in all of the knowledge they so freely release there. From networking to Q&A’s, I found myself suddenly learning where I had lacked in all of my previous ventures. And then, they released an e-course!

I could not sign up fast enough. I spent the next 2 days being the model student, going through each lesson plan and executing the suggestions and exercises they laid out. I found myself with a clear path to my goal, with maps and goal stops along the way. This had never happened before! I felt motivated and enlightened, as if I had finally put together the missing puzzle pieces.

Throughout my time following Tom and Ariana, I have found answers to every question I’ve had, gotten some of the best advice and finally had someone to bounce ideas off of. Someone I trusted whole heartedly, having seen her rise to success. There is a personal touch in all that they do and I can honestly say, I don’t know that I would be where I am in my own business today, had I not been following these two and implementing their steps to success.

I am 4 months in to my newest venture, crushing goals everyday, growing faster than I ever thought possible. I finally see the vision of my end game and know exactly where I’m headed, with clear direction. And I owe that in its entirety to the wisdom, guidance and knowledge given to me by these two."
Blossom Fox
Writer & Chef Extraordinaire
We are Tom & Ariana.
 We are the husband + wife team behind Lifestyle Builders, where we help family-focused people (like YOU) achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

We are married.  We are parents.  We are entrepreneurs.

We became entrepreneurs 10+ years ago and currently run 3 different businesses (in addition to raising two awesome kiddos).  Back then Tom was all about being an entrereneur, while I was the reluctant spouse.  Over time, we were able to align on what our ideal life looked like and take the steps to make it a reality.

We believe that you shouldn't have to settle when creating the life that you want for you and your family.  We also believe that now more than ever there is the opportunity for families to opt-out of the "traditional path" of high school -> college -> 45+ year career -> (hopefully) retirement.

It took us 10+ years, but we've been able to achieve financial freedom and both leave our 9-5 jobs.  Outside of spending time with our kids, we now focus the majorty of our time on helping other families to build their business and achieve the lives that they desire. 
Why Should You Work With Us?  
  •  We Are Business Owners: We don't just teach entrepreneurship, we live it!  In fact, we've built two successful businesses (real estate investing & a brick and mortar wine and liquor store) before we started helping other entrepreneurs online.
  •  Experience: In addition to our business background, we also bring additional experience.  Tom started off his career in software development before moving into project management, product development and eventually leadership coaching.  Ariana has worked with multiple small businesses and really knows how to optimize day-to-day operations.
  •  We Are Family Focused: Entrepreneurs with families face a different set of challenges than those without them.  Being married for 9+ years and having two kids (5 and 2) means that we understand the importance of not sacrificing your family to build your business.
We created Lifestyle Builders because we believe that you shouldn't have to 
sacrifice your family to build a successful business.
We also believe that you shouldn't have to spend all your hard earned money to get you there!
Get the help you need, when you need it.

All for just $49 a month.
Nick Snapp
Master of Accountability
Shannon Shaffer
"Tom brings a rare perspective to your business. His experiences with both corporate, and retail, and entrepreneurship have been blended together to create an approach that not very many people have. His ability to analyze your personal situation and come up with solutions specifically for you is remarkable. This is an uncommon skill that is needed in business, because not all businesses are the same. And anything that I was facing, I would be more than comfortable calling Tom for his opinion.
Bringing Ariana into the mix has created a unique dynamic for them. She brings a whole other perspective to their consulting business She provides more of a woman's view for women in business, she adds that important angle. Together they are unstoppable. I don't trust very many people in the business world. Having built a mutli-7 figure business myself, it takes a lot for me to respect someone. Tom & Ariana have garnered my respect and I look to them for advice. "
Still Have Questions?
"Can I Afford It?"
We hear you, everyone's got responsibilities! 

But to put it into perspective, 
you can get the help you need to build your business 
(only $49 a month!) for less than the cost of...
  • Your Monthly Cable Bill  (You don't even need it with Netflix & Hulu, right?!)
  •  Your Daily Coffee  (Average coffee at $2/day X 30 days...just sayin')
  •  A Nice Dinner Out for 2  (Not counting drinks!)
  •  That New, Cool Gadget You've Had Your Eyes On (Need, or want?)  
  •  A Clothes Shopping Binge (Clothing's optional if you work from home...LOL j/k)
It's totally normal to want to keep doing the things you enjoy! But there is some sacrifices you may have to make when you are an entrepreneur...
"Will I Have Enough Time?"
Lifestyle Builders was created with busy family entrepreneurs in mind!

We don't want you stuck in multiple modules with day long training sessions. This is meant to be there for you, when you need it!
  •  Can't Make a Group Call? No worries, submit your questions ahead and we'll still answer them live on the call, and then post up the recording!
  •  Feel Like Your Schedule is Too Full? We'll show you how to find MORE time, use it wisely and prioritize to fit things in.
  •  Quick, Actionable Training: We know first hand the time constraints when you've got a job AND a family AND are trying to run a business. Our trainings are set up for you to learn what you need as you need it, and then go implement!
"Is Lifestyle Builders Right For Me?"
Are you ready to set aside your fears, and trust someone to guide you on your journey?

Are you ready to work hard and sacrifice a little bit now, so you can have the life you dream of sooner?

Are you prepared to do what it takes (long hours, frustrating set backs, tough conversations) to get where you need to be?

And are you fed up with getting stuck, feeling lost & being lonely while you build this thing?
If you nodded through any (or all) of those Q's, I think you know the answer...
"The best way to predict your future is to create it"
~Peter Drucker
"Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong."
~Mandy Hale
Let us help you get unstuck.

Become a Lifestyle Builder today, and change the path you're on.
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